7 Of The Highest Paying Remote Jobs In The US And How To Get Them

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Employers like to know that you’re able to manage your time and be proactive about communicating with distributed teams. Having remote work on your resume shows that you can manage these challenges. Financial managers are responsible for the long-term financial health of their organization.

As a customer service representative, you give custom information about products and services, respond to customers’ complaints and questions, take orders, and process returns. An Information Technology project manager is responsible for managing a team of employees to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. This position is not Net Developer Job Descriptions, Salary, and Interview Questions restricted to only tech-related companies. Canva – This tool is mainly for graphic designers and social media managers. You can use images, videos, and GIFS to create posters, flyers, and carousels. The beauty of Canva is that it doesn’t need prior knowledge of graphics design. One of the greatest Covid-19 effects is more need for remote jobs.

Engineering Jobs

They’ll look into advertising trends, ad placement and type, create ways to reach customers, and implement marketing campaigns. This type of career will benefit from knowing how to use Google Analytics and marketing animations like HubSpot. To get this high-paying work-from-home leadership job, you typically need experience in sales management and a record of success in sales. These executives work to strengthen relationships with existing clients and bring in new clients. The top 10% of business development managers can make $125,000 per year.

  • Helping businesses to make smart investments is the name of the game, aided by market analysis and possibly data science.
  • Marketers work to generate interest in a company’s product or service.
  • Public relations directors oversee the public image of an organization.
  • Over 110 million jobseekers have used ZipRecruiter’s powerful AI job matching technology to find their next position.

So this type of role has some crossover into sales at times, in terms of job duties. Any job in the field of digital marketing has the potential to become a lucrative remote career, so don’t let the “manager” title here deter you. I’ll share more business-related options coming up on the list, so keep reading if you don’t have an IT background and still want to find a remote job that pays well. After becoming a software engineering, you can also progress from an individual contributor role into a leadership role, such as software development manager/team lead, while still working remotely. Project management is a high-paying role with job duties that can be done remotely in many industries. Project managers coordinate with multiple teams/people to ensure a project is completed successfully.

Data Scientist

Each of the roles we’ve included here has an average salary of over $50,000. For comparison, the median annual income in the United States is around $48,672. If you can find your career calling in a remote job, you’re more likely to experience long-term success.

highest paying jobs remote

A virtual assistant does the work of an office assistant with just the difference in location. While an office assistant works in the office, the virtual assistant works remotely. Recruiters are in charge of researching and screening job candidates for open roles at companies. They also coordinate interviews, job offers and the onboarding process. Remote workers can focus on the things that are important to them outside of the office when they are not forced to be in an office within a certain time frame.

The Rest of Well Paying Remote Jobs

They give productive suggestions and then communicate with stakeholders. A business analyst is a person who analyzes the products, services, processes, and systems of a business to improve and make profitable decisions through data analysis. They help organizations and companies substantiate their procedures by analyzing their business model and its integration with technology. A digital marketer is an expert responsible for using diverse digital channels to reach customers, market products and services, increase brand awareness and generate leads. These channels include social media , Company Website, Search Engine , Email Marketing, Blogs, and Advertising.

  • To learn more about how you can position yourself as a freelance expert, check out Lizzie’s blog Wanderful World.
  • If you have some remote jobs addition or correction we would love to hear them.
  • Teaching English as a second/foreign language (TESL/TEFL) is a popular side gig for education professionals.
  • They seek to find out the competitor’s advertising techniques and what they offer.
  • A cloud specialist works with organizations to migrate their information and services to a cloud.
  • They may work for various agencies but always have a lawyer for a supervisor.

You now know 10 remote jobs that pay a high salary and are likely to rise in demand in the coming years. Whether you’ve got a background in IT/computers, business and finance, or simply customer support/sales, it’s worth looking for remote positions in your search. So I cannot say enough about how strong digital marketing is as a career choice that can lead to remote job opportunities and high MVC in Computer Science The MVC Model salaries/high demand skills in general. While many of the high-paying remote careers earlier on the list are tech-focused, this role is more business- and data-focused. Now you know that to land major remote roles, such as marketing and tech leadership roles, you need to be familiar with certain types of technology. Like any job, there are remote roles that require more knowledge than others.

Application developer

Accounting managers are often highly educated and possess many finance-related certificates. (CMA, CFA, CPA, etc.) To be considered a qualified candidate for this job, a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business Management is necessary in general.

  • You can improve your skills, attend better skill courses, and get more higher-paying clients.
  • The registered agent service provider can help you to start a new business and will provide the necessary services and assistance to incorporate an LLC, a Corporation, or a nonprofit.
  • You can work with a laptop or desktop PC , headset, or webcam.
  • Finally, you’ll track and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns and prepare reports.