TERF try an effective slur [ revise ]

TERF try an effective slur [ revise ]

TERF glossary might use some assistance. Please research the article’s assertions. Any kind of was reliable will be sourced, and you can what is actually maybe not are got rid of.

Within the TERF groups combos including the term «super» such as for example «awesome straight», «awesome girl», «super lesbian» and you can «very feminist», toward stand alone term «super» as shorthand, every relate to brand new Very Upright meme which had been popularised of the neo-Nazi agitators towards 4chan in order to invalidate and you may mock trans people’s sex identities and you can justify blatant transphobia. During the light of each other its provider and make use of certainly transphobic someone it’s an incredibly transphobic identity.

TEHM [ change ]

Stands for «Trans-Exclusionary Gay Male». Some homosexual male TERFs use this title on their own and use they to help you validate excluding trans people.

«TERF was an excellent slur» is an effective spurious claim made by TERFs and usually the fundamental reply when they’re slammed due to their indicate ideology. Some body stating «TERF is actually an excellent slur» is pretty indeed an excellent TERF.

Terfragette [ change ]

A you will need to reclaim the definition of TERF when you are pretending these are typically similar with the suffragettes which campaigned to possess ballots for women. Put as worry about-identity of the TERFs.

Terven [ modify ]

A small grouping of TERFs. Utilized «ironically» of the TERFs in an effort to reclaim the phrase TERF, e.g. «oh zero, we have been the fresh new worst terven!»

#TheyCallMeTerf [ change ]

A special hashtag you to definitely spawned a bit when you look at the 2019 as a way having TERFs to fight back immediately after getting named aside for being transphobic.

TIM/TIF (Trans Understood Male/Female) [ modify ]

Conditions accustomed misgender trans girls (TIM) and boys (TIF), if you’re at the same time together with doubting they are trans (which is not a bona fide procedure, based on TERFs), from the today turned into-into-dogwhistle «select just like the» expression.

they are used because they do not hold the letters off the brand new optional sex (unlike mtF, ftM), and because he’s generally speaking masculine (Tim/Timothy) otherwise female (Tiffany) labels.

Tiny fraction of men [ change ]

A means TERFs define trans girls, in order to say that they are becoming silenced by an excellent «tiny fraction of patriarchy».

Tranorexia [ revise ]

Means a conviction among TERFs one becoming trans is comparable to anorexia, and ought to become handled because of the promising anyone to accept by themselves as the cis, in the place of through providing scientific change («we do not promote anorexics diet businesses!») The word is even accustomed advise that are trans try a trend otherwise stage certainly one of family, and that young trans guys inside their teens otherwise very early twenties would-have-been anorexic lady in the event the they had grown up regarding the 1990s otherwise 2000s. «Tranorexia» try a kind of assistance to possess Conversion process Medication.

Transage [ change ]

A few someone desire to be escort service Anchorage thought to be «transage» we.e., effect they are a particular many years except that than just the chronological decades. [notice 4] The theory is commonly referenced of the TERFs and other correct-side trolls whom argue that while the rules cannot admit transage somebody, it has to not allow switching an individual’s sex term. It was popularized from inside the TERF sectors because of the a blog post positing a beneficial hypothetical circumstance where two forty-five-year-olds have to legally changes the decades so they are able discovered benefits it if you don’t wouldn’t be eligible to (such an elder citizen’s traveling citation), implying that is along with as to why transgender anybody changeover. It term could also be used by pedophiles so you’re able to validate their appeal so you can minors.

Trans cult [ modify ]

An excellent conspiracy theory you to accuses transgender teams of being a great cult. Once thinking about apparent symptoms of a probably destructive cult, indeed, the alternative is true: it’s TERFs on their own who will be the new cult.