Correlates away from depressive symptoms for the later middle-old Taiwanese girls: results on 2009 Taiwan Federal Fitness Interviews Survey

Correlates away from depressive symptoms for the later middle-old Taiwanese girls: results on 2009 Taiwan Federal Fitness Interviews Survey

Previous research shows one to depressive attacks inside middle-old women was indeed from the lots of products such as for example climacteric periods. Nonetheless, degree centered on inhabitants-dependent analysis with numerous possible correlates continue to be scarce. Therefore, the purpose of this study were to take a look at brand new correlates regarding depressive periods for the later middle-old Taiwanese ladies having fun with studies off a nationwide-associate, population-established survey.


Women aged 50.0–65.0 ages was in fact understood in the dataset of the 2009 Taiwan National Wellness Interviews Survey. The results scale are depressive periods previously few days, examined utilising the Heart to have Epidemiologic Training Quick Depression Measure (CES-D ten) having a cut fully out-off score of 10 otherwise higher. Univariate and you will numerous logistic regression analyses were utilized to evaluate brand new correlates of depressive attacks.


The newest indicate age of the new 533 respondents is 56.eight decades. Depressive episodes was present in 53 respondents (9.9%). Multiple logistic regression data revealed that a training number of elementary university or lower than (modified chance ratio [AOR] = 3.19, P = 0.003), nulliparity (AOR = 8.ten, P = 0.001), traditions by yourself (AOR = 5.47, P = 0.003), never that have did (AOR = 4.14, P = 0.008), lack of regular physical exercise (AOR = step 3.01, P = 0.003), a thought of health updates off fair or crappy (AOR = cuatro.34, P


Depression is an important social health problem because of its organization which have suicidal ideation , terrible worry about-rated fitness , increased entry to fitness properties , and you may death . Despair can also increase the risk of death within the patients with cancer tumors and you will established coronary disease . Epidemiological degree show that enhanced decades, are of the females intercourse, being separated otherwise separated when it comes to marital status are for the large cost out of anxiety . Additionally, despair are common one of people having big persistent health conditions, such as cancer tumors, heart disease, persistent obstructive pulmonary disease, and type dos all forms of diabetes [9,ten,eleven,12]. The chances of staying in a depressed vibe in the change so you can menopausal ranged in one.3–3 x greater than one during the premenopause . The latest transition so you’re able to menopausal seems to be an excellent “windows from vulnerability” towards growth of depressive attacks in a few ladies . Therefore, enhanced likelihood of despair is a vital ailment having center-old female.

If you’re a great amount of studies have investigated the relationship between climacteric episodes and you may depressive attacks [fifteen,16,17], seemingly few keeps worried about Chinese women. A mix-sectional, community-built survey away from 393 center-old women in Hong-kong found that a relationship position away from perhaps not married or otherwise not cohabiting having a partner, a lower instructional height, with several persistent diseases, and having educated certain stressful life events was indeed high issues associated with depressive attacks . Some other cross-sectional examination of 672 Taiwanese aboriginal women aged between forty and you can 60 years revealed that increased rating to own emotional postmenopausal periods try significantly with the despair . More over, a mix-sectional studies based on a comfort try out-of 566 people from a clinic and you can residential society from inside the southern Taiwan stated that menopausal episodes, thinking with the menopausal and you can aging, family unit members earnings, and you will persistent disease condition had been notably of this depressive symptoms . The only real populace-situated study from despair into the midlife Taiwanese women are a vacation data studies of 2002 Fitness Campaign Knowledge, Emotions, and gratification Questionnaire. The research reported that perimenopause is actually significantly regarding the despair within the midlife girls, immediately following changing to have decades, marital updates, studies, earnings, puffing, hormonal procedures and you can menopause attacks . For this reason, the purpose of this study was to read the new correlates regarding depressive attacks certainly later middle-old females playing with study of a nationwide, population-centered questionnaire out-of Taiwan.