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An early 3rd-century AD Syriac work known as the Acts of Thomas connects the tradition of the Apostle Thomas’ Indian ministry with two kings, one in the north and the other in the south. The year of his arrival is widely disputed due to lack of credible records. The apostle’s ministry reputedly resulted in many conversions throughout this northern kingdom, including the king and his brother. The Acts of Thomas identifies his second mission in India with a kingdom ruled by a certain King named Mahadwa belonging to a 1st-century dynasty in southern India. Farrow & Ball — This ad starts out with Aidy Bryant telling her brother and his wife how she used this premium paint, imported from Great Britain, to make her living room pop with vivid color (or «co-LOOUR» as Bryant pronounces the extra vowel in the word’s Oxford English Dictionary spelling). But familial issues are gradually raised, including how Bryant has been spending her share of the family’s inheritance (buying paint at $110/gallon), who she’s been hooking up with , and the parentage of Bennett and Stewart’s baby.

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Young Republicans organized the «Wide Awake» clubs and chanted «Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men, Frémont!» With Southern Fire-Eaters and even some moderates uttering threats of secession if Frémont won, the Democratic candidate, Buchanan, benefited from apprehensions about the future of the Union. In Kansas around 1855, the slavery issue reached a condition of intolerable tension and violence. But this was in an area where an overwhelming proportion of settlers were merely land-hungry Westerners indifferent to the public issues. The majority of the inhabitants were not concerned with sectional tensions or the issue of slavery.

He was awarded a doctorate for his literary work in Kannada called as Bibliotheca Carnataca. Christian Friedrich Schwarz was a prominent German Lutheran missionary who arrived in India in 1750. His mission was instrumental in the conversion of many people from Tamil Nadu to Lutheranism. He died in Tamil Nadu and was buried in St.Peter’s Church at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.

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The Syriac Orthodox Patriarch responded and sent metropolitan Gregorios Abdul Jaleel of Jerusalem to India in 1665. He confirmed Thoma I as a bishop and worked together with him to organize the Church. These events led to the gradual and lasting schism among the Saint Thomas Christians of India, leading to the formation of Puthenkūr and Pazhayakūr factions. The colony of Syrian Christians established at Muziris present-day Kodungallur may be the first Christian community in South India for which there is a continuous written record. Although little is known of the immediate growth of the church in the northwestern regions of India, Bar-Daisan (154–223 AD) reports that in his time there were Christian tribes in North India that claimed to have been converted by Thomas and had books and relics to prove it.

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Throughout the gag period, Adams’ «superior talent in using and abusing parliamentary rules» and skill in baiting his enemies into making mistakes, enabled him to evade the rule and debate the slavery issues. The gag rule was finally rescinded on December 3, 1844, by a strongly sectional vote of 108 to 80, all the Northern and four Southern Whigs voting for repeal, along with 55 of the 71 Northern Democrats. On May 1, 1833, Jackson wrote of this idea, «the tariff was only the pretext, and disunion and southern confederacy the real object. The next pretext will be the negro, or slavery question.» Violence seemed a real possibility early in 1833 as Jacksonians in Congress introduced a «Force Bill» authorizing the President to use the federal army and navy in order to enforce acts of Congress. No other state had come forward to support South Carolina, and the state itself was divided on willingness to continue the showdown with the federal government.

In February 2009, a group of Christian activists within the West Bank wrote an open letter asking Pope Benedict XVI to postpone his scheduled trip to Israel unless the government changed its treatment. They highlighted improved access to places of worship and ending the taxation of church properties as key concerns. The Pope began his five-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority on Sunday, 10 May, planning to express support for the region’s Christians. In response to Palestinian public statements, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor criticized the political polarization of the papal visit, remarking that «t will serve the cause of peace much better if this visit is taken for what it is, a pilgrimage, a visit for the cause of peace and unity». Those among them working as civil servants in the government and in the private sector are given an official holiday during the week, which some devote to communal prayer in churches.

He translated the Bible into Bengali, Sanskrit, and numerous other languages and dialects. He worked in India despite the hostility of the British East India Company until his death in 1834. Carey and his colleagues, Joshua Marshman and William Ward, blended science, Christianity, and constructive Orientalism in their work at the Danish settlement of Serampore, near Calcutta. Carey saw the dissemination of European science and Christianity as mutually supportive and equally important civilizing missions. Carey played a key role in the establishment of the Agricultural Society of India.

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