Sharper Movie Review: Acting Powerhouses Stuck In A Blunt Con-drama

At that point, the film had already crossed the line, because I can’t recall any other instance that made a villain out of people, children and women included. I guess it could only be done for Arabs and/or Muslims. And then the McGuffin of the film, the piece of evidence is a missing tape that will prove that the civilians were armed, again, even the children. The proposition here is that Samuel L. Jackson is sent into the U.S.

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Things are not always as they would seem to be. For Hayes Hodges, a sort of ‘underdog’ lawyer, who is taking a case that, he feels he has been pulled into. National Security Adviser Sokal, played bya great ‘pick’ for that role!! Sokal, is viewing an American embassy security video tape, wants to bury the copy, for his own career appeasement. Sokal offers no help, and seems in all sense to be anti-military as his actions show that he is not there to find the truth, rather to get an answer that will sit well with his boss and in the public’s eye. The film centers on a relationship forged throughout the adult lifetimes of two Marine colonels, Hays Hodges and Terry Childers (Samuel L. Jackson).

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Throw in some gratuitous violence, soap opera court room theatrics and a lot of xenophobic attitudes and you have this movie. I wont bore you with details and spoil the movie for you. Let’s just say it’s mediocre fare from a formerly brilliant film maker. Embassy in Yemen comes under fire, the Pentagon sends in Childers and the Marines. What might have begun as a protest has escalated into a siege when the three choppers ferrying Childers and company arrive.

This is the case of smart people–I include Friedkin in this–testing the waters of the post-Clinton era to see if Reaganite jingoism might make a comeback as a story template for pop movies. But none of the Sly or Arnold movies of the eighties was as morally ugly as this one. And using a black actor to sell this patently racist bill of goods is the ultimate insult. Through the course of the movie, Jackson’s character never shows the slightest remorse–he isn’t troubled in the least by the fact that at least a few of the people he shot (the six-year-old girls, say) might have been completely innocent. He’s convinced he did what he had to do and what he was told to do–and anybody who disagrees is a conspiring, back-stabbing desk jockey keeping the godly warriors of our culture from winning the damn wars. Okay, killing 83 civilians and injuring 100 more is something that can happen to anyone; what’s amazing is that Terry Childers feels neither remorse nor regret.

Then the next scene begins, because that plane has to come back to earth somehow, in the name of humanity and by any means necessary. At one point, Lee’s character delivers a flowery, long-winded speech that explains why he, acting on his fellow passengers’ behalf, has selflessly chosen to take evasive actions. Jae-hyuk’s explanations sound as pompous and self-righteous as the worst Oscar acceptance speech, especially when he explains that “because we are human …

The scenes of engagement are very powerful and gruesome. Childers and Hodges have a knock down, drag out of a fist fight. Don’t underestimate a Marine’s ethics or this movie. This is a winner, even if the plot seems so familiar.

The drama effectively combines combat and potboiler courtroom drama. I was expecting something completely different. The acting was not that good, I have never heard of these actors. The plot just kept dragging & I kept expecting asianmelodies com search by city it to get better. Meanwhile, Hodges gets flak from his father and son about defending Childers, but he sticks with his friend and sees him through to the end. The happy ending is never in doubt in Stephen Gaghan’s screenplay.

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With a pair of real heavyweights in lead roles I was quite looking forward to this film. It is quite easy to get into the film as the opening 40 minutes are pretty exciting and shocking in equal measure – it forces you to think where you stand on the action taken by Childers in both past and present. However as the film goes on the moral debate becomes simplified and it is clear where we are being steered, as opposed to being allowed to think things out for ourselves. The `debate’ or thoughtful side is lost and we are left with the courtroom drama side of things. The movie is extremely manipulative, and comes from the equally manipulative director of The French Connection, William Friedkin.

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I really enjoyed the first half of this film as a deadpan, Waiting for Godot-esque comedy. But then the story took a turn and I was reminded that this is a work by writer/director Martin McDonagh, the maker of violent cult films like In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths. I should not have been surprised by the direction Inisherin ultimately takes, but I was a little disappointed to see the wistful existentialism give way to bloody black comedy.