My Ex Is With Someone Else But Still Contacts Me 9 Reasons TRN

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Reminding yourself that it’s normal to think about your past could help you feel more at peace with reliving those memories, he explains. Carole – OMG that literally just happened to me a week ago! We had this amazing connection and everything flowed without any effort. He said he was falling in love and hadn’t felt this way in years and years. He asked me to be exclusive and I was hesitant because I’ve never had anything like this that flowed so well. We talked hours and hours every day and I told him yes I would just see him and no one else.

The dangers of being your ex’s backup option

In the same phone call he also told me that he didn’t want me to get with anyone else. I love him so much, I started no contact as soon as he broke up with me and we haven’t spoken since . I accepted his decision and told him that I couldn’t be friends right now as it was too hurtful, and that he had no right to expect me to wait around and not get with anyone else. He got very angry at this and called me bitter and childish. I don’t understand how his feelings changed so quickly.

Don’t Sabotage The New Girlfriend

Your ex happily jumped into a relationship with someone else and showed you how little you meant to him or her. The real problem is that your ex will have to face different issues and find ways to resolve those issues. If he or she can’t, your ex will fail badly and see that the problem was with him/her and not you. That’s when we show how willing we are to maintain our romantic relationship. Your ex must find reasons to communicate with you and decide to take things further with you. Instead of reflecting on their mistakes and improving themselves, they get together with someone they barely know and see if it’s possible to make the relationship work.

If you are asking, “Does my ex still have feelings for me? College/University shouldn’t take every single hour of the day and even if that person is extremely busy there are still times for a date night here and there. Parents often pressure that person to focus on their education and to give up their girlfriend or boyfriend. The number one thing to remember about trying to get a guy back from another girl is that you do not want to appear desperate. That is a major red flag, and you’ll lose any hope of winning him back if you come across as desperate or clingy. Take him seriously as well and ask him what he’s looking for in the relationship.

He questions mutual friends about whether you want to get him back or makes comments when you’re around saying that you want him back to see how you act. Then, it all comes to an end, and reality kicks in. This is when relationships with a new girlfriend will falter, especially if she was just a rebound because he was in love with you.

Hack Spirit is one of the leading authorities providing practical and accessible relationship advice. From the Australian National University, I’ve dedicated my career to understanding and sharing new ideas and perspectives for a new generation. If you want some help with number 3 (“the plan”), then Brad Browning’s The Ex Factor is the guide I always recommend. I’ve read the book cover to cover and I believe it’s the most effective guide to getting your ex back currently available.

The no contact period is probably one of the hardest things to do when you want to win back your ex. It’s important to remember that this is a means to an end. Although not true of all guys, most guys want what they can’t have. So removing yourself from him will, at minimum, make him realize what it’s like to not have you in his life.

During the no contact period, fill your life with things you love to do. Things that make you feel whole and that are massively fun to you. Because of their negativity, their vibe suffers, and it doesn’t feel good to be around them. If their vibe was good , then you would feel happy and excited to talk to them. There is nothing more attractive to a guy than a woman who has a good vibe.

No matter how in love with his or her new partner your ex is, remind yourself that they’re not trying to replace you or reproduce what you two had. Each relationship is different because it’s perfectly tailored to the parties involved. So, delete your ex and do your best to stay off of social platforms as you process your emotions and focus on your healing. Studies show that, when relationships end, people may deal with depression, PTSD, anxiety, and other mental health issues. If you still carry affection for a former partner, you might find yourself wondering if it’s okay to still love your ex.

This is why you’re thinking all hope is lost, because you take it as them rubbing it in your face that they’re over you and are moving on. They are already going to feel like they’re on top in this breakup because they’re the one that healed and moved on quickly. If you approach them about it (and especially if you show them that you’re deeply affected by it), you’re only going to make them feel more sure about their choice. Some girls find a guy more irresistible if he’s no longer available. Perhaps seeing him with someone else triggered your territorial feelings.

He or she knows what you have to offer, but isn’t so sure about the new person yet. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) drop all friendships and make your romantic relationship your only priority in life because that will create codependence and smother your partner. If you want to have a successful relationship with someone you love, it’s of utmost importance that you get rid of all backup options.