I agree with the tenor of this article

I agree with the tenor of this article

There ought to be an outward sign of respect for the sacrifice of the Mass and dressing casually or immodestly doesn’t cut it. That said, it seems that the liturgy of the Mass itself sometimes lacks dignity. I occasionally attend Mass in the Maronite rite and the Tridentine rite and find that the these ancient rites seem to foster a more reverant and dignified posture among the attendees.

I nearly always wear a tie to Mass on Sundays – and this is in Australia, which is at least as sloppy in dress as the US – but not necessarily on weekdays, when I would wear a decent shirt and a jumper (pullover, jersey, whatever you call it) in cold weather. Most shirts we have are designed to be worn with a tie. As for claiming it’s better to be at Mass in scruffy jeans than not to be there is just an excuse. The operative word is “scruffy”. and more often than not it is a deliberate attempt to look scruffy.

Seeing our Prime Minister or your Obama in open-necked shirts with a suit always looks daggy to me

I have seen the change in attire not only at Sunday Mass, but all through the culture I live and work in. My argument was accept a person where they were and don’t judge their attire.

Although after visiting the Shrine of The Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville Al. for the last several years, has change my view and perspective. When I witness folks with sincere and true dignity Connecticut title loans worshiping Our Lord modestly dressed and with a real heart for PRAYER, left me in awe. This has had a lasting affect on how I present myself to our Lord at mass and in this journey called life.

Decent, clean, modest clothes should be the rule

I totally agree that we Catholics do not respect the Host of our Mass invitation. Some look upon attending Mass as an obligation, which it is, and so “I will go, but as I please.” I do wear a skirt or dress, and modest blouses. I even went on a spree buying hats, and I wear one every Sunday to Mass. I get lots of looks, and only a few others have been so brave to wear a hat sometimes. (más…)

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