#5: How do you do? = Hajimemashite ??????

#5: How do you do? = Hajimemashite ??????

And work out the treatment for the end of a single day now! Konbanwa (or kombanwa) ?????, meaning a great night, is especially put-you suspected it-in the evening as well as evening. There isn’t any precise go out you must start using which words alternatively regarding konnichiwa. Generally speaking, no matter if, immediately following it actually starts to get black away, this is actually the enjoy to make use of.


  • You may use the occasional setting oyasumi ???? whenever stating an effective night so you can a relative or buddy.
  • Might be printed in all the hiragana given that ???????, otherwise having kanji while the ?????? (?? form «rest»).

Hajimemashite ?????? is to simply be utilized whenever appointment anyone towards the first time. It is like the fresh English greeting «How-do-you-do?» even though some you’ll convert it as «Sweet to generally meet you» otherwise «Thrilled to fulfill you.»


That it word is in fact obvious just how it’s spelled: ha-jee-meh-mosh-teh. (más…)

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